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 I was born in England, and spent most of my life in London. I moved to Myrtle Beach in 2015, and became a US citizen in 2018. The USA is now my home.


The first stage of my career was in real estate in England, and I later pursued what had always been, and still is, my favorite occupation – photography. I worked in London for many years, specializing in interiors, room sets and product photography. I used a variety of cameras, from 35mm Nikons to Hasselblad 500c’s and 5 x 4 view cameras.


​ I now mainly do real estate photography, and I feel that my background in real estate gives me a real understanding of what clients and, most importantly, potential buyers and renters are looking for. I also do product and still life photography. I also love doing weddings, and much prefer informal shots (as well as the more formal group photos).


I use a full frame Nikon Z6ii camera in conjunction with Nikon lenses, and also use a Laowa 15mm shift lens specifically for real estate. I do post production using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.


I am always happy to talk photography, so please contact me

Phone: 843 231 9090


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