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Pre-shoot check list


  • Clean everything thoroughly.

  • Turn on all interior lights, making sure all bulbs are working and shades are straight with seams facing the wall.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans and TVs.

  • Fully open all blinds, shades and curtains.

  • Remove all personal items, including photographs (unless you specifically want them to be included).

  • Hide all trash cans, mats and small rugs, boxes of paper handkerchiefs.

  • Ensure all pictures are straight and level (use a spirit level if available).

  • If there is a gas fire, let me know how to turn it on and off.



  • Remove all fridge magnets.

  • Remove all soaps, cleaning items, sponges, towels, draining racks and kitchen paper.

  • Stow all small appliances.

  • Hide trash can and mats.


Dining room

  • Ensure all dining chairs are evenly placed.

  • Lay table as if for a meal.

  • Add a centerpiece, candles and/or vase of flowers.



  • Ensure all bed linens are neatly arranged and symmetrical.

  • Arrange all decorative pillows.

  • Put away any items of clothing, shoes etc.



  • Remove any toilet brushes and plungers.

  • Clean and polish mirrors.

  • Clean toilet and close lid.

  • Clear all toiletries, soaps, and all items from bath and shower.

  • Hang fresh towels (only if included in rental).

  • Put in fresh roll of toilet paper.

  • Hide trash can and mats.



If you have any questions, please contact me.

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