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Using a photographer for the first time can be a worry, so here is a sample of what you can expect, which I hope you will reassure you.


Cost starts at $110 for an average two-bedroom apartment in Myrtle Beach, and will vary depending on the size of the property and any facilities and grounds that need photographing. This includes 1 hour of post production; if further time is required, this will be charged at $50 per hour. Other projects, such as product photography, are based on a per-job rate, starting at $50 per hour. We will discuss and agree the price before the shoot (see 'pricing quotes below').


Photography Processing, Delivery, and Archive:

Turn-around time will depend on how much post-production you want done, but I typically have a 24 hour turn-around for small properties, and will always complete a job as soon as possible. Larger properties, and any additional photography or special requests may take longer. All final images will uploaded to  All images will be archived and available to the client for up to 180 days after the first release. 


Travel Fee:

A minimum charge of $.75 per mile outside a 20 mile radius of Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach will apply (with a minimum $10 travel fee).


Pricing Quote:

All price quotes given verbally or written are estimations, based on the provided data from the client or data researched by me, and do not necessarily reflect the final costs of service. Additional fees may apply based on observation of the property once I am on location. If there are any additional livable or non-livable structures that require interior and/or exterior photographs; fees will apply. (Examples: guest quarters, historic cabins, vacation rentals: barns, sheds, gazebos, workshops, detached garages, communal facilities etc.)



Full payment is required before the delivery of the final images. An invoice will be emailed to the client once the date and time of scheduling is finalized. The client may choose to pay the full amount at any time before the delivery of images. However, I reserve the right to retain the final images without delivery, until the client has paid the invoice in full. In the unlikely event that the client fails to pay for the images; I will remind the client via email and phone and retain the images up to 30 days. After the 30 days there will be a $50 retrieval fee, plus the full payment to release the images to the client. Payment options:  PayPal, cash,  or local check (if using PayPal use ‘Friends and Family’ option).. Images will be released when funds have cleared.


My Promise to you:

It is my goal to ensure that every client is completely happy with their final delivered photography. I will make every effort to ensure that the house/property is portrayed in a realistic manner. Furthermore, I promise that all images are edited to the best of his ability. If the final images do not meet the realistic expectations of the client, I will work will the client to make corrections to the images. Re-editing will be done at no additional charge. If the images cannot be corrected by reediting; the client must provide a written description of dissatisfaction for each image. If it is agreed that images are unsatisfactory, I will return to the house/property, with no additional charge to the client. Photography style is different for everyone. There will be no refunds issued or rescheduling of the original shoot due to unrealistic or unmet expectation outside the scope of what  I advertise on the website.


Cancellation and Reschedule Policy:

By booking me and scheduling a time and date, the client affirms that the property is “ready” to be photographed. If the photo shoot is canceled for any reason, 48 hours before the scheduled date, the client will be charged $35 to reschedule, plus any used travel expenses added to the services. All travel expenses are non-refundable (if used) and will be reapplied to the rescheduling. Every effort will be made, by me, to reschedule and re-shoot within 72 hrs. of the original shoot. A cancellation by the client within 24 hrs. of the scheduled service will result in a $35 cancellation fee. Any cancellation within 2 hrs. of the schedules service will be subject to a 100%, of service fee, cancellation charge. Any cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, extreme weather, or (acts of the Universe) may be rescheduled at no additional change. If the client is unable to re-schedule within 30 days of the original being cancellation, the client forfeits their payment for services. In the unlikely event that I am unable to re-schedule, within 10 days of the original shoot, a credit for the full amount will be issued to the client to be used for any future shoot.


Late arrival of client:

A $35 per 15 minutes will apply if the client is not on-time at the photo shoot. (client is encouraged arrive at least 30 minutes early to prepare the house for photography.)


Intellectual Property Rights Ownership:

I retain all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, in all images, video, photographs, and any other works created by me.

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